Vylam is a magical world dominated by two (known) continents: Rautal and Maleenyn

The world is populated by a number of different humanoid species: Foremost among these are humans. Their closest relatives are: the Anara (a mysterious forest dwelling species, thought by many to be extinct/myth) and Trolls (a large brutish humanoid race).

There is also the Clarndor. A race of cat-like humanoids. They keep to themselves and rarely interact with humans. Communication between the species is almost impossible except by magical means.

There is also the Laskthulgkt (a.k.a. The Demon-Kings) and their minions. They are relatively new arrivals on Vylam, or more specifically they are a bird-like reptilian race long extinct until their rebirth in recent history. The changes that have visited Vylam since the return of the Laskthulgkt can not be over estimated. Reptiles from the worlds primal past walk the earth once again. Nothing can ever be the same again.

Rautal contains three countries, each inhabited by a separate intelligent species. The Republic of Rautal is the home of humanbeings. These people are the descendants of the freed slaves of the Demon-king Askagul. To the north of the republic, and separated only by mountains, a single easily traversed pass and the blood brave men, is the Laskthulgktian kingdoms, each ruled by its own demon-king. To the west and north west, is the Clarndor Plains, home to the Clarndor.

The Anara, who once inhabited a great forest that stretched across the Republic, survive within the remnants of this old forest. Many have sort refuge in the forests on the south eastern fringe of the Clarndor Plains, where by far the largest population of Anara survive.

Across the sea to the East of Rautal is the continent of Maleenyn. This is home to the Free Kingdoms of Man. Foremost among these is The Empire of Vuln.

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