Jed/Landear, The Dragon's Bane

Jed is a young goat herd with no memory of his past


Landear who becomes ‘The Dragon’s Bane’ after slaying the dragon ‘Skargkt-borgtvul’ and then setting out to rid the world of dragonkind. He is the descendant of his namesake ‘Landear’ who fought against the Demon-king Askgul’s minions. Landear carries his great grandfather’s sword.
Landear, however, was brought up as a simple farmer (the life his great grandfather choose after the borders of the Republic of Rautal were set). As a child he was drawn to the heroic epics and dreamed of becoming a hero himself (a life denied to him by his father who detested war).
When Landear was still a boy, his village was attacked by the dragon ‘Skargkt-borgtvul’ and his family killed. He vowed to avenge the fallen and set out into the mountains to find the dragon and destroy it. But he and his companions (Willim and Balar) were attacked in a mountain pass by a flock of Scartharok. He suffered a head injury that took his memory and his companions were all killed.
He was found by a goat herder who nursed Landear back to health, he nicknamed Landear ‘Jed’ (meaning: fallen) not knowing his real name and taught him how to survive in the mountains. And so, Landear became Jed the Goat herder, a life he lived for a year, but as time passed he became increasingly curious about his forgotten past.
While on a hunting foray Jed discovered a mountain lion cub, who became his closest companion.
His dreams were plagues by fire and terror throughout this entire period. He sort healers and magic-men to return his memory, but to no avail. One healer blessed/cursed with ‘the vision’ saw Landear riding a golden mountian-lion with the head of a lion himself. From this the healer deduced that Jed must travel to the Clarndor Plains, the land of the mountain-lions that had descended from the mountains and walked like men.

And so Jed left the mountains on a quest to find the Clarndor. Along the way be befriends one of the Anara, ’Mar’h.’

For many years he lives among the Clarndor until eventually he is accepted as an honorary Clarndor. At his initiation rites into Clarndor society he is given a potion that opens his inner vision, whereby his memory of his past returns to him. When he awakens from his trance he is compelled to return to his quest to slay the dragon.

Landear leaves the Clarndor Plains with a small hunting party of Clarndor and his, now fully grown, companion mountain-lion.

This time he has a plan. Find the cave, set a trap at the entrance and then lure the dragon into the trap. The plan takes months to prepare. First, they must find the dragon in the mountains, and then they must prepare the trap without waking the dragon (which would mean certain death).

Jed/Landear, The Dragon's Bane

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